Grand Size Challenge

We all know how hard it is to find clothes in sizes over 2XL, and how that supply rapidly decreases for every multiple XL size you try to find after that. This is one of the main reasons why we started 12-Grand® to begin with. But since the demand is so much higher than the supply, many more need to step up and do the same for this to make any real difference. So we thought, why not start a social media challenge to try to do something about this.

The Grand Size Challenge is an appeal to a brand of your choosing to extend their size range, or maybe even create a specific garment or clothing line that you would totally buy if they only made it in your size.

If you have a Swipe Up option please refer your followers to this page to make it easy for them to take part in this challenge too.

If we all work together on this, the number of stories posted can hopefully inspire retailers to open their eyes to not only see how excluding this is, but also that there’s a huge potential market just waiting to buy their brand.

Let’s do this!

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