Why 12-Grand®

Ever since the first guy (because it has mostly been guys) contacted me asking for sizes over 2XL I’ve had this idea of making a standalone brand for the plus size audience. Not only because many seem to want it, but also because I’m 2XL and am scaringly close to fall off the size chart of the clothing industry’s so called “size norm” catering to 99% of the clothing stores out there today.

But it was only a year ago, almost to the day, when the name 12-Grand® popped up in my head it all came together and I could visually see what kind of product I wanted to create for this brand.

While looking closer at the plus size male scene today not only are the gap between the number of people that are in need of sizes over 2XL gravelly disproportional compared to how few there are that actually carries them. I also think that one of the areas that have been underrepresented for a long time on the plus size scene, is strong brand driven clothes with a street connection. 

While building the 12-Grand® brand we’ve taken strong inspiration from both the street community and the luxury clothing scene. To try to put it in to words, take the classic simplicity of Carhartt, the luxury attention to details and aesthetics of COMME des GARCONS together with the attitude of Supreme, you’ll get something close to 12-Grand®.

A 12-Grand® shirt can be everything from a classic T-shirts to long sleeved shirt, all made ethically cut and sew in our factory in Portugal using the highest quality of cotton. Everything is overlooked by us to make sure that every single detail is made just as we want them to. Not only the quality fit and feel, but also the high end details worthy of any luxury brand out there. This is the corner stone for us to be able to build the kind of brand we want for our subscribers so they can be proud of being a part of the 12-Grand® brand.

/ Peter